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20mm Aggregate

20mm, 14mm or 10mm Aggregate

Suitable for drainage to allow water to soak away, can be used for decorative effect in gardens.




16-40mm Cracked

12-25mm Cracked Pea

Suitable for gardens to give stunning visual effect with nice red colors, bigger stone makes it safer to walk on, will not roll under foot.




12mm Cracked Pea

12mm Cracked Pea

Suitable for gardens for visual effect, cracked pea gravel is safer than round pea gravel. Smaller stone can push into sand if base is not solid.




12mm Red Gravel

12mm Red Gravel

Suitable for pathways, driveways etc. Red in color.



25mm Red Gravel

25mm Red Gravel/Ferrocrete

Suitable for footpaths, driveways, hardstand areas. Compacts very well and will give a nice red look to your driveway etc.




14mm Recycled Roadbase

20mm Recycled Roadbase

Recycled concrete, excellent for paths, driveways and hardstand areas. Very cost effective.



20mm Road Base

20mm Road Base

Used in road construction primarily but can be used for driveways.




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