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Native Soil Mix   20 MTR load $1400.00 Delivered*

Excellent soil for Australian natives. A free draining mix with enough water retention to provide for your Native plants. This soil is Blended to a ratio to provide optimum drainage while retaining enough moisture for your Native plants.

The Native Soil is blended from Gingin loam, Sand, Peat and Composted Organics to provide food for your plants.

Top Soil Mix    20 MTR load $760.00 Delivered*

Top soil is stripped off the ground to enable access to the yellow sand underneath. Screened Top soil mixed with Peat and some Organics will contain small pieces of Limestone to help neutralize the Peat. Can be used under Turf or in Garden beds for a cheaper soil mix.

Veggie Soil Mix      20 MTR load $1500.00 Delivered*

A rich organic soil mix, ideal for the establishment of your vegie patch. Can be used in garden beds and for Landscaping as well. Added Calcium to stabilize soils, prevents Flower rot, added Sulphate for Nitrogen utilisation, improved water filtration.

Veggie soil is blended from Poultry manure, Composted food waste, Green waste with Gypsum and Gingin loam.

Premium Garden Soil Mix    20 MTR load $1200.00 Delivered*

High quality soil replacement mix, perfect for new gardens or lawns. Organic matter and loam with a small amount of clay provides excellent moisture retention and nutrients.

The General Garden soil mix contains Gin Gin loam, peat, sand, Recycled Top soil and composted organics.

Lawn Mix     20 MTR load $1400.00 Delivered*

Amazing top dressing sand for tired lawns, apply in Spring to late Summer and water in. Our customers love this mix, we have had amazing results using this mix instead of yellow sand. Water in well after application.

Top dressing sand, Gingin loam and composted Poultry manure.

Landscape Mix  20 MTR load $1400.00 Delivered*

Suitable for use under your new roll on turf or seeded lawn. Used by Professionals and home gardeners alike. Can be used in garden beds also to plant straight into.

Blended to a set mix using composted organics, sand, peat and Recycled Top soil.   (Australian Standard 4419)

Soil Conditioner    20 MTR load $1500.00 Delivered*

Rich black compost, totally organic providing nutrients, trace elements and stimulating microbial activity. Excellent water retention properties. Dig through your existing soil to really give it a boost.

Screened peat, composted organics and greenwaste.  (Australian Standard 4454)



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All soils contain some Recycled materials and may have traces of foreign matter

While we take every care in the production process of our soils we do not guarantee them to be weed free

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